LipidSig: a web-based tool for lipidomic data analysis

What is LipidSig?

LipidSig is the first web-based platform which integrates a comprehensive analysis for streamlined data mining of lipidomic datasets.

The user-friendly interface provides five main functions, namely Profiling, Differential expression, Machine learning, Correlation and Network, for assessment of lipid effects on biological mechanisms. The five functions provide unique aspects to analyze the lipidome profiling data based on different characteristics including lipid class, chain length, unsaturation, hydroxyl group, and fatty acid composition.', In summary, LipidSig enables users to perform intensive lipid analysis and create interactive plots with downloadable images and corresponding tables.

LipidSig is free and open to all users and provides downloadable example datasets in each analysis section.

News & Updates

  • 2022.04.10 Release of LipidSig R-package at GitHub..
  • 2022.01.01 Release of LipidSig source code at GitHub.
  • 2021.10.08 User experience improvement of LipidSig.
  • 2021.07.02 Publish of LipidSig at NAR !
  • 2021.03.01 Launch of Machine Learning feature.
  • 2021.01.01 Launch of LipidSig!

Lin WJ, Shen PC, Liu HC, Cho YC, Hsu MK, Lin IC, Chen FH, Yang JC, Ma WL, Cheng WC. LipidSig: a web-based tool for lipidomic data analysis. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jul 2;49(W1):W336-W345. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkab419. PMID: 34048582.